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16 - 24 SET 2023


9 days designed to offer you a deep journey of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.

An intensive ThetaHealing    training with a program with many extra experiences and tools provided by 5 incredible facilitators.






A powerfull technique that has been transforming thousands of lives around the world. A tool that allows you to identify subconscious limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind.


The certified ThetaHealing training is for those who want to learn a potent tool of transformation for their own development or to help others in a therapeutic seeting. 

4 main levels

of the ThetaHealing training

What to expect

This retreat is an opportunity to delve deep into the world of ThetaHealing and complet the 4 main training levels in an intensive format. A physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification journey, with extra daily active meditations, yoga, sound journeys, neurofeedback and healthy food.


With all the benefits we already know about YOGA, it becomes a fundamental pillar for self-transformation. The best way to start the day, with movement, breathing and awareness. In this retreat we will have daily yoga classes, either in the morning or late afternnon.


A revolutionary technique that allows us to identify the root of our blocks and reprogram limiting beliefs into more adaptive ways of seeing and feeling life.

Osho Active Meditations
& Emotional Release

Osho's Active Meditations and Emotional Release Techniques are tools that help us release emotional tension from our body and enhance the process of personal transformation. During this retreat we will learn how to use them in our daily lives.


In this experience we will delve deeper into brain waves and identify in real time the changes that happen in our brain when we access the Theta brain wave through meditation.