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16 - 24 SET 2023


9 days designed to offer you a deep journey of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.

An intensive ThetaHealing    training with a program with many extra experiences and tools provided by 5 incredible facilitators.






A powerfull technique that has been transforming thousands of lives around the world. A tool that allows you to identify subconscious limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind.


The certified ThetaHealing training is for those who want to learn a potent tool of transformation for their own development or to help others in a therapeutic seeting. 

4 main levels

of the ThetaHealing training

What to expect

This retreat is an opportunity to delve deep into the world of ThetaHealing and complet the 4 main training levels in an intensive format. A physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification journey, with extra daily active meditations, yoga, sound journeys, neurofeedback and healthy food.


With all the benefits we already know about YOGA, it becomes a fundamental pillar for self-transformation. The best way to start the day, with movement, breathing and awareness. In this retreat we will have daily yoga classes, either in the morning or late afternnon.


A revolutionary technique that allows us to identify the root of our blocks and reprogram limiting beliefs into more adaptive ways of seeing and feeling life.

Osho Active Meditations
& Emotional Release

Osho's Active Meditations and Emotional Release Techniques are tools that help us release emotional tension from our body and enhance the process of personal transformation. During this retreat we will learn how to use them in our daily lives.


In this experience we will delve deeper into brain waves and identify in real time the changes that happen in our brain when we access the Theta brain wave through meditation.

Nutrional Boost

Not only we are what we think, but also what we eat. In these 9 days you will be invited into a reset of unhealthy eating habits, with a delicious and colorful daily menu to nourish your cells.

Sound Journey &
Singing Circles

Used since our ancestry, Sound and Vibration are powerful tools in terms of healing and evoking altered states of consciousness. During this retreat we will offer you different experiences with sound, chanting, singing and vibration. 


7:00     Yoga or Emotional Release Workout

8:00     Breakfast

9.30     Thetahealing Training

12.30   Lunch

13:30   Free time, swimming pool, walking in nature

15:00   Thetahealing training

18:00   Osho Active Meditations or Yoga

19:30   Dinner

21:00   Night Session: sound Journey, Singing Circle, Rituals, Neurofeedback

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O afastamento da rotina e das distracções habituais, abre-nos espaço de olharmos para dentro e entrarmos num processo profundo de transformação.


what´s included

Basic Dna, Advance Dna, Dig Deeper & You and Creator ThetaHealing Training Course, certified by THINK w/ Puja

Osho Active Meditations w/ Puja

Emotional Release Workout w/ Puja

Daily Yoga Sessions w/ Diana Capitão

Sound Journeys & Singing Circles w/ Felipe Roselli

Neurofeedback Experience w/ Francisco Marques Teixeira

Playfight session w/ Vero

in this retreat you will


Learn to get naturally into altered states of consciousness to transform your life


Explore the different brain waves and learn how to access each one in your daily life


Learn to identify and reprogram the limiting beliefs of your subconscious that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams


Learn to communicate and interact with the different planes of existence in an intuitive way


Learn to give energetic readings and channel clear messages to others and yourself


Learn to identify the different voices inside you that make you stray from your path


Learn and practice emotional release techniques for your daily life, which help you to transform your vibration in everyday life and deal with more challenging moments


Dive into the world of active meditations, learning to explore movement as a gateway to meditation


Immerse yourself in the world of yoga, giving your body a daily boost from the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of this practice


Learning to use breath as a way to awaken and detoxify your physical and emotional body


Nourish your body with a meal plan specially designed to cleanse your body of toxins and help you create healthier daily habits in your everyday life.

our teachers

*** beside Puja, some slightly changes in the team might happen ***

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Puja Mariana

our thetahealing teacher

Her passion and commitment to self development has brought her to explore several areas of therapy and meditation, like Primal Therapy, Tantra, Osho Active Meditations, Subtle Body Healing, Somatic Experience, Thetahealing, etc…


Puja has been offering deep inner work processes around body/mind/spiritual healing for the last 11 years.

In this retreat she will be guiding you through the world of ThetaHealing, Trauma Work and Emotional Release. |

Francisco T

our brain hack

Hi, I'm Francisco. My specialization is Clinical Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation.

Clinical neurofeedback is a technique that allows us to visualize and hear our mental state (the frequencies our brain is working at) in real time. ​


Having this awareness allows us to perceive thought patterns and change them, as well as train physiological coping mechanisms to deal with various neuropsychiatric symptoms. ​


In this retreat we will learn to use this technique specifically to identify the entry into the Theta state through biosensor and bcis (Brain-computer interfaces) technology.

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Felipe Roselli

our inpirational musician

Musician, surfer and meditation practitioner, Felipe is one of the founders of the SYM - Surf, Yoga & Music project.


Since 2013, he has been delving into the study of Yoga and Vedanta, and since then has facilitated self-knowledge retreats and workshops. ​


Music is one of his great passions and has been one of his main vehicles for self-knowledge. He has been studying, exploring and facilitating mantras chanting circles as a path of self-development.


Today he is also dedicated to the area of ​​education and also works with children. Creator of Surf Therapy - Emotional Healing, he sees self-knowledge as the great value that unites all practices and areas of life.

Vero De Diego

our playfighter & emotional assistant

Endless curious and fascinated about the intelligence in our body, she is a devoted explorer of our inner Wisdom, aware that the power is inside of us and that sensitivity is the key . Movement is her main focus of exploration, as a tool to activate our Life Force as well as to dive into deeper levels of perception. Refining our awareness is the first step for transformation, and choice allows freedom. The way we move reflects the way we live.

Our body is our vehicle in this life and so a powerful entrance to access to our inner world, our emotions, our soul. So inside as outside. Dance, yoga, capoeira, energy healing , emotional work, tantra, thetahealing, and playfight are some of areas she has been engaging with over the last 20 years in her private life, parallel to her work as Engineer. Now she feels the call to hold spaces for others to connect with their essence and embody their truth, starting with movement and accompanying the emotional processes that may arise from there.


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Diana Capitão

our sweet yoga teacher

Having practiced for over 17 years and trained in the “yoga capital” Rishikesh (India) , I’ve been teaching back in India, UK, France and Portugal since 8 years now.

I fell in love with Yoga since the very beginning but it was after an injury, while strengthen and balance the mind & body with the help of Yoga, that the practice have transformed me on so many levels - I feel a strong sense of responsibility to share it, which initially inspired and continues to inspire me to teach.

where & when


20 - 28 MAY 2023

At the beautiful and charming farm - Quinta do Santo António

Aldeia Galega da Merceana, Alenquer Portugal


> The 4 ThetaHealing courses


accommodation & food
9 nights: